giovedì 23 settembre 2021

OOTD: Checks Mon Amour

 Quandretti Mon Amour


Gli inglesi li chiamano Checks, noi italiani invece lo indichiamo genericamente come tessuto a quadretti.
In realtà la terminologia del quadrettato è estremamente complessa, ma l'associazione immediata di un qualunque disegno a scacchiera ad un abbigliamento più "sofisticato" è ormai paste del nostro patrrimonio culturale.  

E quest'anno pare che anche tutti quei vestiti a quadretti piccoli o medi che  accendono di magia la primavera e incroniciano i momenti migliori dell'estate diverranno must anche per l'autunno e l'Inverno.  

E il bello è che non c'è limite alla fantasia. Dall'abito a tubino, alla giacca sartoriale, dalla gonna bon ton si arriva ai pantaloni a sigaretta (i preferiti della principessa Diana. 
La moda primavera estate ha incoronato questa stoffa, così speciale e ipnotica, a tendenza culto di stagione, ora non rimane che scoprire come verrà accolta i prossimi mesi.







The British call it Checks, while we Italians tend to refer to it generically as checkered fabric or tablecloth print. 
Really its terminology is very complex, but for the major part of us there is an immediate association of the checkered ptint with a more dressed clothing. 

And now seems that all those dresses declined in Vichy fabric, or in small or medium variopus king of checks, that light up the spring with magic and also embody the best moments of summer,  they gonna accompany us even in fall and winter.

And the best is that there is no limit to the imagination.  
From the sheath dress, to the tailored jacket, from the bon ton skirt to straight pants (Diana's favorites). Spring summer fashion crowns this fabric, so special and hypnotic, with a cult trend of the season, now we have just to wait and to see how it gonna be received in the incoming months.






Pics from my Instagram profile, follow me (s.n_silvianegretti)!


10 commenti:

  1. Indovina quale è la mia foto preferita? Vabbè si sa, però la camicetta è carinissima

  2. Love the bow detail on the back of your shirt. Also like how you added the pop of red with your shoe.

  3. I am loving the ruffle-wrap and ruffle-peplum details and big bow at the back of of the pretty checkered print Liujo blouse you styled with the white Dolce+Gabbana jeans!
    You look very stylish and attractive modelling that outfit in all of the outfit photos above.
    I also love your photos of the strawberry, cat, flower and setting sun. Beautiful photos!

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  4. Hello
    You're giving me good news, we're going to continue the vichy pattern trend in autumn, as it happens that's a trend I haven't joined yet! I liked your look the blouse is adorable with this bow on the back! You're so beautiful!

  5. You look cool in this look. Have a great day!

  6. A very nice and stylish look, dear!

  7. Hello Silvia, hope you're having a lovely week so far and HAPPY FRIDAY! Hope you get the best of the last warm days and rocking this outfit which looks gorgeous!

    I loved the little explanation on how you call the checks, here in Spain we call it "dameros" and in Mexico we say "cuadritos" (like little squares). Different names, but I loved the latest possibilities we can get of this print: from edgy to cottagecore vibes! There is definitely an option for everyone! I loved yours since it has a really relaxed girly vibes, it also reminds me to a look that you could wear in the park or in a holiday to go to a place with many green areas!

    Definitely looking forward to wear more checks! Have a pleasant weekend friend!

  8. You look great :) The blouse is really beautiful!

  9. You look awesome- I like so much your blouse - so unique

  10. Che carina questa blusa, ti sta molto bene! Ti stanno molto bene anche i jeans bianchi. Un look feminile e chic perfetto! Sei molto stilosa e bella.



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