martedì 13 aprile 2021

Co-ords: The Most Chic & Playful Trend Of The Moment

 I Coordinati: La Tendenza Più Chic E Divertente Del Momento


Ricordate quando da bambine odiavate l'idea di indossare top e pantaloni/gonne abbinati, anche se alle nostre mamme sembrava una gran bella idea (cosa che probabilmente non è ancora cambiata)? 

Quei set coordinati alla fine sono più o meno rimasti nel dimenticatoio sin dalla nostra infanzia, ma quello che allora consideravamo uno scempio di moda è ora diventato un trend, più millenial e molto più glamour: 

ed eccoci qui a desiderare i "coordinati” più trendy del momento - una tendenza, tra l’altro, che si adatta davvero ad ogni stile, dallo streetwear più punk all'abbigliamento da lavoro chic. 
Che sia per una festa di compleanno o una serata in città, con un bel completo coordinato con top (camicie, giacche, maglie, t-shirt) e sotto (gonne, pantaloncini, pantaloni, jeans) en pendant non si sbaglia: in un secondo abbiamo un look all'avanguardia che implica anche una certa sensibilità sofisticata senza essere troppo difficile da realizzare. 
Insomma, se cercate quel pezzo unico (dopo la fidata camicia bianca, ovviamente) che renda ogni look subito “chic senza sforzo”, questa è la soluzione che fa per voi; senza contare che  è una gioia per quelle mattine pigre quando la voglia di mettere insieme un bel look sta sotto la suola delle scarpe.
Infine, punti bonus: potete seguire l'abbinamento coordinato regolare o anche scambiare i pezzi di due diversi set e creare nuovi look freschi e del tutto originali!







Remember the time when as a child you hated the idea of wearing matching top and bottoms, even though wearing the adorable animal or floral printed matching night suit felt like a good ending of the day ( the vibe still hasn’t changed though!). 

Those matching sets aka co-ords have stayed with us in our likes and dislikes since our childhood but what then was merely the shorthand of ‘coordinated sets’ has now gone a little millennial and a lot more glamorous, 

just how the glamour world calls it the ‘separates’ – one trend that every style from the punky streetwear to chic workwear is boasting about. 
Whether you are up for a birthday party or a night about town, a classy matching set of the top (shirts, jackets, corsets, t-shirts) and bottom (skirts, shorts, pants, denim) would never fail a fashion-forward look that implies sophisticated sensibility without being too difficult to pull off. 
If you want that one piece (after the trusty white shirt, of course) that makes your impromptu looks chic yet effortless then the trend ‘separates’ is your style-buddy, moreover, It is a bliss for those lazy mornings when putting together a good look is like a big ask – just go by the rule of matching co-ords or you could also swap the pieces from two different co-ord sets and rock a fresh and very original look







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  1. Ehm stavo proprio pensando che a em i coordinati non piacciono e poi vedo queste foto e cambio ida immediatamente. Così sì, bello soprattutto il primo che mi comprerei subito!
    Don't Call Me Fashion Blogger

  2. Nice looks. Thanks for sharing those ideas.
    Have a good week!

  3. this collection is amazing

  4. Sono d'accordo. I capi cordinati sono sempre cosi chic.
    Bellissimo questo editorial, una collezione stupenda.

  5. I am loving these outfit ideas and the stunning photographic examples of these stylish trends.
    Each and every one of the outfits styled and showcased in the photos above looks extremely attractive and fashionable.
    I really love these designs and outfit stylings!

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  6. Ah yes matching sets are starting to trend hard. They are so fun and have a retro throwback feel to them. Love these examples!

    Allie of

  7. I'm loving this trend, and these are fantastic picks!

  8. i always get inspired by the trends and love the styles thanks!

  9. Hello Silvia,

    I hoped you enjoyed your Easter break, happy to see you posting back and seeing your news! You always manage to bring something interesting to S Fashion Avenue! 🙂

    And thanks for your kind compliments in this blog post, I am trying to upload more illustrations and doing my best to bring something entertaining to the blog. Really appreciate this!

    Now talking about this trend this one was too famous back in the 90s in Latin America too, I loved to wear that matchy matchy set and be in the mood for a birthday party! Nowadays I would love to recover this trend since I love bold colors and a nice suit or maybe a nice shirt + nice pants with the same color or print! I have a few at home so I'll be definitely following this trend but I need more haha!

    I loved the option of the girl in brown / black set, would love to have a suit with a similar combination!

    Stay safe and I am gonna check the other post of the week!

    Hey Fungi

  10. Such fun inspiration pics of co-ord sets! I don't have any in my wardrobe but I agree they seem so practical as you can wear them together or apart! :)

    Hope that your week is going well :)

    Away From The Blue

  11. I love co-ords, honestly! Not only do I already have an outfit when I wear them together, but I can also combine them separately and get tons of outfits, they're so worth investing in! <3

  12. wow!!!
    Love them all!
    I really like the off white maxi dress!!

  13. Cute sets.



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