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Summer is officially here, and very hot temperatures are now dominating most of the days; well, even if could be very bothering sometimes to deal with all this, on the other side it doesn’t even is the case to complain too much, because you can take the chance to enjoy your time at home, in the fresh of conditioned air or on your balcony, garden or terrace. You can just take a good book a glass of iced tea, and just get lost to another world.
There are times though you need to change activity, maybe doing some good online shopping!
Right now there are many chance to have some fun (and get some good deal) online since it’s sales time, but if you’re looking for something very unique, original and very very cool, I’ve got the site for you!
Recently I’ve stumbled upon this site called, where you can found a lot of original and pretty jewelry, all costomizable with many variations.
Here are some of my favorite bijoux that I really like from this web store.

So I can't help myself from choosing my favourite silver ones because I feel like, with the right styling, those would be very weather appropriate! Don't you think so? And of course, these jewelry would even available in many models and different features. 
Getnamenacklace is in fact  a online shop stop for modern, irresistible, and affordable jewelry. Never before accessorizing yourself been so easy!
Their carefully curated selection of custom women name-rings, bracelets and necklaces are always on trend and always available at the web’s best prices.

I think that every woman has the right to not only look well, but even to have the chance to express herself at the best, possibly without spending a lot to get an imagine to love.
It’s pretty easy to wear outfits following the last trends without spending too much, but it’s hard to get that twist that give you the confidence to take on the world!
Well, with personalized jewelry you can get this result in no time and with minimum effort. Getnamenecklaces  is dedicated to delivering high-quality jewelry to women that will make them look and feel their best!
This online store is filled with every kind of customizing jewelry, available in many sizes and features.
Their offers so many different models and combinations and so every woman can find and show off her fashionable side.
You can shop your fav bijoux with just a few clicks, as Getnamenecklace offers very precie categories for your shopping pleasure!
So, what are you waitin for? Get your unique jewel online!

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  1. They really have some lovely necklaces.

  2. So going to have to take a look at this site.

  3. Thanks a lot :D

    OMGGG, I need it :D I'm biggest fan of necklaces!

    InstagramFacebook Official PageMiguel Gouveia / Blog Pieces Of Me :D

  4. Jewelry looks amazing! Love personalized items so much!

  5. ma che belle, andavano di moda anni fa ma si sa la moda è un cerchio che gira!!!

  6. Hi,
    Yes, I follow you :) follow back?

  7. What a great idea. Looks so good. xx

  8. Amazing jewellery ♥

  9. wow so many niece pieces here. I like names necklaces :)



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