domenica 14 ottobre 2018


The cold season is almost here, so it’s time to think to add something new to our wardrobes!
Maybe not too expensive but still very stylish and up to date...but hot to do without exahust the entire bank account?
Today I’ve got the solution for you: Fashionme.
Fashionme is an online shop that relies entirely on very trendy and fashionable cheap clothes, the dream of every woman! 
Every girl wants to look every day at her best: stylish, cool and unique, and we all know that the look count a lot on many occasions, even if we get lost in the fun!
In short the look is essential. And must be perfect!
On Fashionme all the clothes, other than very stylish, are at very low prices, but not only! You can find there even fashion shoes for women, accessories, beachwear and much more!
Today I want to share with you some of my favourite finds in this online shop and I hope you will love my picks.

How cool are these pieces? Non to mention the details...
I also love all the colors they offers, so glam, feminine and fresh!
I guarantee you, that with those clothes you’ll definitely feel beautiful and special every day.
Fashionme contains within its pages hundreds of choices and allows each of us to find the perfect piece for every fashion needing.
This store gives you the opportunity to choose, as I said before, from hundreds of perfect clothes. Inside the site in fact you can find every last collection trends, just browsing among the latest news to the perfect search experience: there really is the piece you’re looking for! At very good price!
Within the site there is also a wide selection of coats and jackets for those who want new outerwear but don't want to spend too much: well, here you can find the right for you.
But there is more: on Black Friday womens fashion winter coats you’ll find even more convenient choices!

Really, on this site every piece is  very accessible to everyone even thanks to the great amount of discounts that can be found. 
An expanded photo gallery shows you the pieces flat and worn by models, but you can even rely on the site and counseling via chat always open inside of it. 
To settle every doubt concerning the size, the shipping or the materials used for your favourite piece you can just use the the chat and talking with customer service.
In short on Fashionme you’ll really can realize the wardrobe of your dreams at a great price!

14 commenti:

  1. I love your picks! Specially the first pair of shoes. :D

  2. Looks like leopard print is back again! xoxo

  3. Animal print is one of my favorite trends. I'm in love with this leo print coat!

  4. non sono una grande fan dell'animalier ma il trench della prima foto non è male, o sono stata conquistata dal mega caffè in mano? anche le scarpette rosso scuro con mezzo tacco mica male, ci saprei anche camminare:P

  5. tengo la primera chaqueta y me encanta!
    Muchas gracias por tu comentario en mi blog, te espero por mi nuevo post, mil besos!

  6. Mi piacciono tantissimo le prime francesine rosa!!! Adorabiliiii

  7. I really love the animal print coat. I should really check out this Fashionme. Amazing.

  8. Interesting post dear! thanks for sharing, xx

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  10. le stringate rosa sono troppo belle.



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