domenica 2 aprile 2017


The season of Proms and parties is coming, and with it comes the problem to find the perfect dress to wear,  maybe without spend a fortune.
So I would like to present you a very beautiful dresses shop:
PickeDresses is a party and Prom Dresses shop with high level quality and design. And at very affordable rates.

I think any of us would like to look elegant, refined and feminine on these special days, not to mention that  the perfect dress is a keepsake for years.
In this shop you can find dresses with detailing that emphasize femininity and add charm, or classier and subtle dresses that definitely  will conquer your heart.

PickeDresses brings to you the latest collection of chic and classy clothes. They follow the latest fashion trends, bringing over thousands of new selected products: check out the Long Prom Dresses, for ex.!
At PickeDresses you can found everything you need to glam up your style.
You’ll definitely find the dress of your dream that will make you look and feel like a princess. 
There  I leave you some pictures which I found on their site of the dresses I liked more and I hope you can get inspiration from them.

Every dress is made of luxurious fabrics combined with this beautiful details that make them more and more special. Not to mention all the fab bright colors! This is the best occasion to do shopping not so expensive, with items of high quality.
So, what are you waiting for? Take a look to all their beautiful products.
What do you need more to have the perfect dress for a perfect day?

24 commenti:

  1. C'è l'imbarazzo della scelta bellissimo quello grigio perla
    Grandissimo negozio
    Un bacio

  2. I love all of them

  3. questi abiti sono una meraviglia :)

  4. Beautiful dresses! Blue one is my favorite.

  5. Abiti bellissimi, quello grigio mi piace tantissimo!

    Un bacio

  6. capi bellissimi, da favola!!!

  7. Buon inizio settimana e buon lavoro, carissima Silvia!!!

  8. Quello blu è il mio preferito. Kiss
    Nuovo post “Aria di primavera. Stampa camouflage e farfalle” ora su

  9. Ma sono meravigliosi......quello blù è un sogno!!!!
    Baci baci

  10. Amazing dresses, love the second one!
    Have a lovely day :)
    Rosanna x
    Rose's Rooftop

  11. Nice dresses especially the third and forth ones.

  12. Oh mamma ma quello rosso? Cavolo che belli Silvia! Un sogno poterne indossare uno a caso! *_*
    Bacione bellezza e buona giornata! :*

  13. quello lungo blu e l'altro grigio sono favolosi:D

  14. lovely dresses
    keep in touch

  15. Bellissimi questi vestiti, il mio preferito è l'ultimo bianco corto. Un abbraccio

  16. Amazing dresses ! Thanks for the post)

  17. sono tutti bellissimi questi abiti
    un bacione



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