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OOTD: Monochromatic Simple Layering

 Abbinamenti Monocromatici Semplici


Nelle ultime stagioni abbiamo assistito a un progressivo passaggio al minimalismo degli anni '90, con linee pulite e una tavolozza di colori tenui, e per la SS21 questo concetto è stato rivisto ancora una volta in una stratificazione semplice ma d'impatto.  

Da Jil Sander e Wales Bonner, le tuniche bianche sono state sovrapposte a pantaloni neri, un outfit destinato a essere replicato dal pubblico della moda su Instagram. 
Una delle collezioni più attese è stata il debutto di Raf Simons come co-direttore creativo di Prada, dove abbiamo assistito a un approccio rilassato alla sartoria con giacche e tuniche stratificate ad arte sui pantaloni.  
Il tema ricorrente è stato il modo in cui le giacche venivano indossate: leggermente scostate dalle spalle e con i modelli che le stringevano con le mani appoggiate sul petto. Certamente anche un cenno a Miuccia Prada, in quanto pare che questa sia una delle sue abitudini.









Over the past few seasons we have seen a move towards 90s minimalism, with clean lines and a muted colour palette, and for SS21 this was seen in effortless, but impactful layering. 

At Jil Sander and Wales Bonner white tunics were layered over black trousers—an outfit destined to be replicated by the fashion crowd on Instagram come Spring.
One of the most anticipated collections was Raf Simons' debut as co-creative director at Prada, where we saw a relaxed take on tailoring with jackets and tunics artfully layered over trousers. 
The running theme was how jackets were worn slouched slightly off the shoulder, and with the models cinching them together with their hands resting on their chests.  But this is also a nod towards Miuccia Prada, as it is one of her own habits.  





Pics from my Instagram profile, follow me (s.n_silvianegretti)!

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  1. Dici a tua mamma se un dolce di quelli me lo spedisce? Detto ciò stai benissimo!!!

  2. gli outfit monocromatici mi piacciono molto, soprattutto per il tempo libero!! poi con il bianco non si sbaglia mai! baci

  3. I love reading your insights into trends in fashion and style
    and seeing your pretty outfit modelling photographs!
    I also love how the touch of colour added by the blue and white scarf from Zara, your pretty lipstick and the colourful highlights in your hair all accent your very fashionable all-white outfit
    featuring the top from Zara and Stradivarius pants.
    The print on the Bershka socks looks cute!

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    my YouTube
    my Twitter

  4. Cute lounging outfit.

  5. Hola Silvia!

    I hope you're doing fine! How's everything in Italy? at least here we can go out but being honest there are not a lot of things you can do outside, but well I prefer this instead of the total lockdown last year. I see that you're able to go and take your daily walks which is really good! Keep doing it!

    I am always excited to see how you approach the trend in your own style and with your own resources. Honestly you're the best at adapting the trends with things that are easy to get and garments that we can also spot in other OOTD proposals.

    I loved this easy layering, for me is the best since the transition seasons ask for some garment to cover up a little but nothing heavy. I loved the touch of color in your headband / ribbon, sometimes it is nice to keep the attention in the small details and then keep the outfit in another color.

    White suits you really well and I imagine a lot of options for this same proposal, maybe with a jacket or with a denim shirt on top creating more layers!

    And thanks for mentioning Raf Simons on the blog post, I feel that sometimes people don't appreciate his work a lot :( Honestly he's doing a nice proposal at Prada!

    Enjoy the weekend!
    Hey Fungi

  6. Hi
    I like monochromatic looks and I see that you are dressed in a relaxed way at home, I like to dress up even to stay at home, I am waiting for you to publish these news from Prada for us to see! That scarf on the head gave the final touch the icing on the cake!

  7. Great review and beautiful photos! :)



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